You can pray anywhere.  You can pray while washing your face, while riding a bus, while sitting in the library.  Every place is a holy place.

But sometimes it is good to prepare a special place for prayer.  There you can put reminders that, as a Christian, you never pray alone.  You pray through Christ, with Christ, in Christ–in the company of all the angels and saints.

If you do not already have a prayer corner at home, give it some thought.  It doesn’t need to be big.  Part of a desk, a shelf, a small table or the top of a bedroom dresser is fine.  There should be a space for a picture or a cross or a statue.

You may want to add a bowl of water to sign yourself each morning to remember your baptism.  Keep a prayer book and the Bible nearby.  As the seasons change and special days come, you can put your Advent calendar there, your nativity scene, blessed palms and pussy willows, Easter eggs, a Pentecost dove and other reminders of your faith.

This will be a place to pray–to talk to God, to Mary and to the saints.  It will be your own or your family’s place to give praise and thanksgiving, to ask for forgiveness and to ask for help.  Use it at ordinary times, special times, private times.  And use it regularly.  Prayer is a habit, a good habit to get into this Lent that can let a lifetime.