While we are celebrating Eastertime, it is a very good season to celebrate our mothers, who have brought us into life and who can teach us to begin living eternal life.

There are so many mothers to honor–grandmothers, godmothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers, den mothers and friends’ mothers.  There’s Mary, the Mother of God.  We honor Mary throughout Eastertime because, according to John’s gospel, Jesus made Mary the mother of all baptized people.  And, of course, there’s Mother Earth.  This title for our planet is one way of saying that God has made the Earth a holy home for all living things.  In different ways, any one or more of these mothers has earned our love.

Write (or tape record) a very special story or letter to your mother.  Think of the nicest things she has done for you–holding you when you cried at night, making pancakes with faces, bringing you hot chocolate when you didn’t even ask, or taking you someplace special.

Be sure to write or record those things with all the details that you can remember.  Don’t forget to say how it felt when she did them and how you still feel about them now.  Maybe you can add your own drawings and think up other ways to decorate your letter or recording.

Wrap the letter or recording and tie it with a ribbon. Add a few flowers and give it to her on Mother’s Day.