On Holy Thursday, Lent ends and the three days (the “Triduum,” pronounced trid-do-um) of the death, rest and resurrection of the Lord begin.  This is our Passover, our Easter.

From Holy Thursday evening through the Vigil of Easter, we try not to cook or work or go to school or play games or run errands.  Instead, we fast, pray, and keep watch.  It’s simple.  Then the breakfast on Easter Sunday morning “breaks” our fast.

Our most powerful mysteries are celebrated during these three days.  Try to be at church as much as you can–especially for the Easter Vigil, the most wonderful night of the year.

There’s much that can be done at home, too:

On Holy Thursday, clean the house for Easter. Watch the sun set, then eat spring greens and bitter herbs at dinner to welcome the Passover.

On Good Friday, fast and abstain from meat–because Adam and Eve didn’t eat meat.  During the Triduum we pretend we’re once again in paradise. Try to keep quiet today.  Set up a cross, the tree of life, in a special place.  Spend time in prayer.

On Holy Saturday, continue the fast and quietness. Rest up to get ready for the holy night. Decorate your Easter tree. Color eggs. Gather flowers.

On Easter Sunday, go on an egg hunt, surprise the neighbors with treats, dress up and go visiting. Sing and thank God for creating the world, for leading slaves to freedom and for raising Jesus from the dead.